The Welsh Powerlifting Association (WPA) was formed in July 2012 to replace the Welsh Powerlifting Union (WPU) as the only powerlifting federation within Wales that’s directly affiliated to the Great Brtitain Powerlifting Federation (GBPF). The WPA is also directly affiliated to the Commonwealth Powerlifting Association (CPA).

This means that members of the WPA who meet the qualifying standards for the GBPF British championships at either Junior, Open or Masters can compete at the British Championships. Furthermore, WPA members can also be selected to represent Wales in both the Four Nations Powerlifting Championships and the Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships.

In turn, the GBPF is affiliated to the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) which is widely regarded as the number one federation in the world. This means that if any WPA members meet the specified criteria, they can be selected to join the GBPF squad and then represent the UK at international competitions.

Members of the WPA can compete in the following events:

  • Unequipped (also known as “classic”) Powerlifting
  • Equipped Powerlifting
  • Unequipped Bench Press
  • Equipped Bench Press

The constitution and By-Laws for the Welsh Powerlifting Association can be viewed here

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