Welsh Strength Association (WSA)

The Welsh Strength Association (WSA) was formed in 2001 by Ken Williams and Nigel Wilding and has now become the largest and most popular federation in Wales with the largest membership base.

We provide 4 competitions each year to any powerlifters who want to compete, regardless of the federations in which they currently lift – there are no restrictions within the WSA.

To compete in the WSA, all you need to do is pay the annual membership fee of £10 and then pay the entry fee to each of the competitions that you would like to enter.

We run the following competitions evenly spaced out throughout the year (roughly 3 month apart):

  • Welsh Powerlifting Championships
  • Welsh Cup
  • Welsh Counties
  • Welsh Single Lifts

During each of the above championships (with the exception of the single lifts), members can compete in either a full 3 lift powerlifting competition or a bench press only competition. Members also have the option to pay both entry fees and compete in both the full 3 lifts competition and the bench press only competition. If doing this, the lifter will not have to perform a seperate bench press, the bench press done during the 3 lift competition will be used as the lift in the bench press only competition.


You can lift unequipped or equipped and agree with drug testing or not, it’s up to the lifter and all lifters are welcome.

Please call Ken Williams on 07970 625946 or email him at ken@welshpowerlifting.com for further information.